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“At Good Drivers, we care about your Safety and the Quality education you receive at our training centre.”

Monika Gaddu
Director of operations

Welcome to Good Drivers

Good Drivers was established in 1981, with the aim of providing affordable driver education programs of excellent quality for all members of our society. We have met this goal and continue to raise the bar in driver training. Our central focus is to teach students the defensive driving skills they need to pass the road test and more importantly to prepare safe drivers, who are able to protect themselves on the road despite the actions of others.

We teach skills for lifetime!

We provide reasonably priced driver education programs to the people of all ages. Our team of professional instructors is certified by the Ministry of Transportation, highly experienced and are very patient and courteous. With our comprehensive training packages, we are proud to have a 90% first time pass rate.

Instructors will ensure that you are enabled to drive under all conditions eg. City driving, highway driving, night driving and special emphasis on winter driving skills. All Good Drivers vehicles are equipped with dual brakes, mirrors and they are insured for teaching purposes.

Our administrative staff is knowledgeable, highly experienced and friendly. They will provide complete assistance and guidance to you throughout the Driver Training Program until you get your Driver’s License.

We are a Ministry Approved Course Provider and a member of Ontario Safety League With our certificate program, you will qualify for maximum insurance discount and a reduction of 4 months in the waiting period.

We are the winners of the Consumer Choice Award for the GTA West Area.


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Skills for lifetime


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