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“At Good Drivers, we care about your Safety and the Quality education you receive at our training centre.”

Monika Gaddu
Director of operations

Comprehensive Driving Packages

Corporate Drivers

Corporate drivers are one of the two main driver groups that are at high risk when driving due to the amount of time they spend on the road and their extensive mileage. Good Drivers offers various comprehensive driving packages that cater to the needs of corporate drivers and will help them lower their risk while on the road.

What We Offer

Good Drivers offers a combination of in-class and in-car training to further educate corporate clients. Our programs will educate your drivers with the best methods to reduce the risk of accidents and potentially avoid accident-related repairs, while improving productivity.

Option 1: Driver Evaluation

  • 1 hour of in-car defensive driving
  • 1 hour of in-class group training

This program will evaluate and identify the risks that the driver faces and practice the necessary skills used to reduce such risks.

Option 2: Defensive Driving

  • 2 hours of in-car training
  • 2 hours of in-class group training

This program focuses on topics such as collision avoidance, space management, night driving, adverse weather conditions, and highway driving.

Clients will undergo intense and dynamic training with senior instructors that are highly experienced and possess AZ and G licenses.

Customizable packages are also available to further cater to your drivers' needs!

Why Choose Good Drivers?

Operating since 1981, Good Drivers has established a reputable standing with Mississauga and Brampton residents. We are also:

  • Ontario Safety League (OSL) Certified
  • Ministry of Transportation (MTO) Approved

Our Ministry-approved instructors specialize in defensive driving tactics and several possess their AZ licenses that allow them to maximize students’ learning experience. Good Drivers staff offers the highest quality in driver training and provide enhanced and intensive one-on-one, private sessions that will help your drivers understand risk factors and reduce those risks when driving.

Now serving 2 locations: Mississauga and Brampton


According to the All-State Canada Safe Driving Study, the highest cause of accidents is rear-ending (25.17%). That means that we are still driving too close behind vehicles. 23.54% of accidents were turning and intersection-based. Drivers that travel more than 50 000 km/year have a 1 in 3 chance of getting into an accident. By taking one of our programs, Good Drivers will teach your drivers understand the reasons why collisions occur and train them on imperative defensive driving skills they need to stay safe on the road.

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