G road test requirements: Five Tips to pass the Ontario G road test

The last step in the Ontario graduated licensing program is to get a full G-class license. When you get your G license, virtually all of the restrictions that came with your G1 and G2 licenses are lifted. As a result, at any time of day, you can lawfully drive on all public roads and highways in any vehicle, van, or small truck. The process of earning your complete driver’s license takes at least two years, from G1 to G2, giving you plenty of time to gain the information, abilities, and experience needed to become a proficient and safe driver. Another advantage of having a full license is that you will not have to go through the graduated system again until your license is suspended.

The G license assessment is a comprehensive test that evaluates your driving skills on the road. You must be able to drive in a variety of settings, hours, and weather conditions.

 The following are some of the things you may expect from the G license-driving exam:

Skills: Advanced driving abilities such as highway driving and parallel parking are included in the exam.

Duration: It will take about 30-40 minutes to finish. The duration of the event may differ.

Declaration: Before the road test, you must declare your highway driving experience. Within the last three months, you should have driven on the highway at least five times. Your appointment may be canceled if you do not have the requisite experience.

Result: Because of passing, you will receive a full G license in Ontario.

 If you are planning on taking the test soon, here are five useful driving tips that are designed by “the GOOD drivers”, professional trainers to help you pass your Ontario G road test:

Maintain appropriate control of the steering wheel.

Always maintain both hands on the driving wheel as a matter of thumb. First, hold the wheel firmly in the “10 and 2” or “9 and 3” positions. Then, always use the hand-over-hand approach to steer the car, and never let the wheel “slide back” after each turn.

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Assess your reflections: 

Because your car’s mirrors are there for a reason, it’s critical to ensure they’re secure and correctly positioned. Make careful to scan them every five seconds or so throughout the real driving exam. If you are about to make a turn, double-check your surroundings first. Do not do this in private; you will want to ensure your tester sees you following the process.

Always be sure to indicate your turns.

When driving, it is a good rule of thumb to indicate every turn. Remember to signal at each stage of a three-point arc and complete a final turn into your parking place. This is a basic driving procedure that you must follow at all times; for your safety and to ensure that other cars are aware of your intentions.

Be cautious during the real road test, as your G2 exam may include a no-right-turn-on-red intersection. If a sign with a right arrow and a red circle around it with the words “on the red” below appears, wait for the stoplight to turn green before turning.

Rolling stops should be avoided.

Rolling stops, of course, are a no-no. It would be best if you came to a complete stop at the interaction since failing to do so may result in a traffic violation. Before pressing the gas pedal again, make sure you stop for at least two to three seconds at every stop sign.

Ask the instructor questions.

Always remember to ask questions when you’re unsure. If you don’t understand a question or directive, make sure to ask your examiner for clarification. 

Because the G road exam is designed to assess your fundamental driving abilities, you must be well-versed in the fundamentals and give it what you are. So make sure to follow the practical guidelines listed above to stay on track and get your driver’s license before taking the G road test to move to more advanced driving skills!

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