In-Car Lessons

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“At Good Drivers, we care about your Safety and the Quality education you receive at our training centre.”

Monika Gaddu
Director of operations

Lesson Details

  • 10 hours of private in-car training
  • Available 7 days a week: mornings, afternoons and evenings
  • Our in-car sessions are always one-on-one
  • Free pick-up and drop-off is included within the Mississauga area

Lesson 1

Get acquainted with the car
Pre-driving checks
Moving and Stopping procedure
Braking and Steering control

Lesson 2

Review of skills and techniques learnt in lesson 1
Hand over hand steering
Right and left turns in residential areas
Observation skill : where to look and aim

Lesson 3

Right turns at intersections
Observation skills : Scanning pattern for right turns
School zones & crosswalks
Collision avoidance skill: I.P.D.E. system in the residential area
(I dentify the hazard, P redict, D evelop a solution and E xecute)

Lesson 4

Left turns at intersections
Observation skills : Scanning pattern for left turns
Simple lane changing
Observation skill : Accurately reading the rear view mirror
Collision avoidance skills: Speed and space management

Lesson 5

Complicated right & left turns in multilane intersections
Observation skill: scanning pattern for major intersections
Collision avoidance skill: S-shift left turn

Lesson 6

Lane changes at higher speeds and multi-lane streets
Defensiver driving techniques : Learning to keep an escape
Collision avoidance skill : I.P.D.E system on city streets
(I dentify problems, P redict, D evelop solutions and E xecute)
Proper reversing technique

Lesson 7

Review reversing and 3-point turn
Railway crossings
Parking on a hill
Front and rear end parking
Parallel parking

Lesson 8

Review all types of parking
City driving; review intersections and lane changes
Observation skill: running commentary
Collision avoidance skill : space cushion driving
Highway driving: entering and exiting

Lesson 9

Highway driving: lane changes
Collision avoidance skill : speed & space management on the highway
Emergency road side stop

Lesson 10

Review all Observation and Collision-Avoidance Skills
Review all types of parking and maneuvers
Mock road test and evaluation


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