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“At Good Drivers, we care about your Safety and the Quality education you receive at our training centre.”

Monika Gaddu
Director of Operations

Welcome Newcomers

3 Step Process

We realize that settling in a new country is difficult; especially without proper guidance. Good Drivers has an easy 3 step process to help you get your license.

Step 1

Get to know Ontario’s Graduated Licensing System.

  • All new drivers in Canada must get a G1 license (Learners Permit). To write your G1 test, you will need to study the Drivers Handbook. If you need personal tutoring, we at Good Drivers can provide coaching so that you can pass your written test easily.
  • G1 test can be written at any Driver Test Centre. You must take two pieces of legal identification (e.g. passport, birth certificate, PR card).
  • Ministry charges are $145 for novice drivers, and $85 for experienced drivers.

Step 2

Are you a novice or experienced driver?

For novice drivers we recommend the Beginner Driver Education Program. Read More

For experienced drivers we recommend one of our Road Test Preparation Packages. Read More

Step 3

For more information please call one of our agents and they will be happy to guide you through this process or visit our office during office hours.


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