5 Reasons Front Wheel Drive Is King On The Snow

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It’s essential to take every precaution to enhance your safety when driving since driving in challenging winter circumstances may be challenging and risky. “Good Driver” wanted to explore whether the front-wheel drive is preferable to all-wheel, rear-wheel, or four-wheel drive in snowy circumstances. Front-wheel drive is often effective in the snow, however, it’s not ideal. […]

5 Rules To Avoid A Winter Car Wreck

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Snow. Either you adore it, or you detest it. Or perhaps you experience emotions that lie in the middle of those two extremes. Driving, nevertheless, through the snow. That is a unique situation. Yes, the snow is beautiful. However, things may get ugly when it begins to adhere to roadways and turns into a messy […]

Full G: A Guide For New Ontario Drivers

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You have spent years perfecting your driving techniques and are now prepared to schedule your G road test. Passing your G road test is a major accomplishment since it gives you access to the benefits of having a full driver’s license in Ontario. Even if you have a lot of driving experience, it never pays […]

Winter driving in Ontario: 3 Myths of Driver safety

We have previously discussed how to prepare your car for the colder weather and how to keep safe when driving on winter roads, but there is still a lot more “Good Drivers”wants to cover. However, if you want to learn more about winter driving safety tips, check out driving school near me. The “Good Drivers” professionals do […]

Driving Anxiety in new drivers: How to conquer your driving phobia

Though receiving a driver’s license might be thrilling, the thought of actually getting out on the road can be scary for some individuals, particularly new drivers. (Driving anxiety is a frequent issue in which a person is hesitant or worried about driving.) This might be a simple unreasonable fear or worry, or it can be […]

Teen Driving safety tips: 5 Reasons to attend Beginner driver education program

 Do you have a teen who is eager to obtain their driver’s license? Is your 16-year-old son or daughter looking forward to getting behind the wheel of the family automobile on their birthday? This may be a time of considerable anxiety and stress for parents, as every parent knows. Parents are frequently concerned for the […]

G road test requirements: Five Tips to pass the Ontario G road test

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The last step in the Ontario graduated licensing program is to get a full G-class license. When you get your G license, virtually all of the restrictions that came with your G1 and G2 licenses are lifted. As a result, at any time of day, you can lawfully drive on all public roads and highways […]

Planning for winter driving? What standard car winter pack should include?

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The weather in Canada can be fickle, especially in the winter, and it may throw you off when you’re on the road. Even if you’ve done your bit by fitting good winter tyres and driving extra cautiously throughout the winter months, a snow-covered street might have its mind. When you’re out on the road, anything […]